Land & Boat Excursion

Mafia Island and its Islets

Mafia, along with the other islands lying off the east coast of Africa, has shared in the long and the short time an interesting history of the area. Chole and Kua are the main sites where you can see and feel the old life of the Swahili Coast.
If you like to have a full day around Mafia, you should take the Bweni Tour with a relaxing picnic at Kanga Beach.
Sailing around the Islets off the east coast of Mafia is very relaxing. A visit to Jibondo is a "must" to understand the life of the fishermen and their families.
Nevertheless, a 5 minutes walk from Shamba Kilole Eco Lodge, takes you in the village of Utende. Our staff is happy to introduce you to this community.