Scubadiving in Mafia Island is Unique. 

Take a look at the Best Dive Sites

Kinasi Pass
The most famous dive of Mafia island.
From Shallow (-8m) to Deep (-25m) the life of this coral drop, that ends with a little wall, is unique. Home of the Giant Grouper, Ribbon Tail Sting Ray and Cobia. You can do it with incoming and outgoing Tide. If you like the " Speed", with middle Spring Tide you can enjoy the Kinasi Express.
Utumbi (Kinasi Wall)
You can choose the deeper (-20m) looking for Murrey Heel, Octopus and Grouper. Or you can take the shallower (-5/-10m) with the magnificent corals and the colorful fish.
Coral Garden
If you love the small world, from -5m to -15m, you have the vast variety of nudibranches, clown fish, leaf fish, lion fish to satisfy your Macro Pictures. Ideal for Night Dive.
Another Night Dive Site, enjoyable during the day as well. Big Eye Soldier Fish, Surgeon Fish of any shape and color, Honeycomb Murrey Heel, Hump Head Parrot Fish and endless corals.
This Shallow dive (-5m to -18m) is the perfect Tune Up Dive if you have been missing the water for a while.
This amazing Wall (-8m to -25m) with spectacular arches and caves is the perfect dive for the Green Turtle, Napolen Fish and Friendly Potato Groupers. Hundreds of Yellow Snappers, Surgeon and Blue Trevally accompany your dive ending on top of the wall where surrounded by Blue Trigger Fish at your safety stop.
MliLa (Jina Wall)
Caves and terraces are the environment of this unforgettable wall (-8/-23m). Snappers and Surgeon surround you during your descent. The Potato Groupers will compete to be your Baddy with Napoleon and Blue Fin Trevally escorting you during your dive.

Juani North
Here comes the Guitar Shark!
Many purple soft corals in this slope that from the shore goes down to -25m. We are just in front of the Turtle Hatchling beach of Juani, so the chance to see the "Green" are very high.
Juani South
More Green Turtle and Napolen for the southern site of Jauni - 30m. Pelagics are often seen in this area...Let's have a surprise.
Mange Reef & Mange Drift
The first (-5/-18m) is a pristine coral site with a sandy bottom where the White Tip Sharks are resting. Mange Drift (-4/-24m) is a current dive with hundreds of Barracuda, Jacks and Platax. Seasonally we can spot Gray Sharks and in August and September the Whales Singing play the soundtrack of your dive.
A drift dive (-5/-25m) takes you to the Giant Grouper house.
Barracuda, Sweet Lip and Jacks are the background of this "Giant". Dancing in the current you end your dive in an amazing Whip Coral Wall.

Take only Pictures.... Leave only Bubbles!

At Shamba Kilole Eco Lodge we are committed to low impact diving.
Be a Safe and Respectful Diver!
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